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Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC     |     PO Box 2285     |     Blairsville GA  30514

Tel:  706.745.2121     |     Fax:  888.607.7144     |
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On-line data is stored off site in an SAS-70 audited facility, the GOLD standard
when it comes to insuring the security of data.  (Audit available on request).  
The facility is located in an area of the continental United States that is less
prone to natural disasters like earthquakes or floods.

Incoming FAX correspondence is converted into an attachment to an e-mail
before being forwarded to BSASS LLC.  This prevents correspondence from laying
unattended on a fax machine before being addressed for processing.

Our data processing facility resides behind two sets of entry protocols.

Reports may only be retrieved through user name and password logins.  
Reports are never forwarded via email or fax.  
Users names and passwords are never given out over the phone.

All computers and programs use strong passwords which are required to be
periodically changed for enhanced control.
Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC

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